What Do I Get When I Book Glass House Productions For My Wedding?

A fabulous wedding film of course.   


Our Starting package includes two cinematographers covering your day for ten hours! This includes two videos of your special day.


·      Full Film (Ceremony, Speeches, Cake Cutting and First Dance in full) 

·      Highlight reel


When looking back at your wedding ceremony you don’t want to just see it, you want to experience it. By recording the ceremony from several different angles with professionally mixed audio and visuals it will be as if you never left. Not a single second of ceremony will be cut; it will be exactly as it was.


Just like the ceremony, the cake cutting will feature in its entirety, so you can enjoy that special moment once again. Along side that, the speeches will feature in full, with professionally mixed audio, you can hear them crisp and clear once again. Who wouldn’t want to hear the best mans speech again?

The first dance, this will also feature in full, so you don’t miss a second of it. With perfect lighting you will be able to see every detail. With the flexibility of two shooters, you will be able to experience your special moment from every perspective.


Finally, the highlight reel. If you’ve seen our work before you will have seen our highlights. (Those are our favourites!) 

Imagine the best parts of your entire day placed together and formatted with beautiful music and visuals. Our aim for the highlight reel is to recreate the story of the bride and groom. We go into great detail with the background of how you both got together, and your personal story.


We do not just place together our finished videos and deliver them with some nice music. No, it’s a lot more than that. This is why we call our products “Films” not videos, because a video is documentation and a film is a story. We are extremely proud to call ourselves storytellers and filmmakers, we don’t want you to remember your day, we want you to relive it.

Another important aspect of the highlight reel is its share-ability. We deliver our wedding films in beautiful HD 1080p, we put it in a format so that its easy to share it with friends and family online. Many of our brides choose to put it on their social media platforms so those who couldn’t make it can see the highlights of their special day. With our highlight reel music is included, this music is fully licensed for the wedding video, we pick the music we believe says the most about the couple and fits the film.


Can we have our first dance song for our video?

Unfortunately not, the music we licence is completely legal to do so, we pay for the use of the tracks in our wedding films, and there is absolutely no chance that the video will be removed or taken down due to copyright laws.

If we were to use your first dance song (as nice as that would be) it would not only cost thousands in legal licensing, but also if it was not paid there is a chance that the song could be removed due to copyright infringement. 

We want our Brides & Grooms to know their video is safe and not under any threat of being taken away from them. This is why we licence the music we do.


Do you film on location? Would you travel to film our wedding? 

Absolutely! As long as we are available there is no limit to where we will travel; Spain? Caribbean? Disney world? You name it!  


Obviously, there will be travel costs that incur. If you want a video filmed on the other end of the planet you will have to cover our travel fees and expenses. But we are more than happy to do so if you are.


Do we work with the photographer?

Yes, we do not compete with the photographer we go together like peas and carrots, food jokes aside, We will make a conscious effort to meet and discuss your day with the photographer before hand. It’s a team effort, we are all creating and capturing memories for you, and we want the absolute best for you both.


Have a look, you'll see that we even spend our free time with wedding photographers!  

Will my wedding film be safe?

Yes, as well as the optional archive hard dive we deliver, your day will be stored on a hard drive at the Glass House Productions HQ. If the worst were to happen and you were to loose the footage we would be more than happy to replace it.


Does a wedding film sound like it fits your wedding? If yes we encourage you to contact us about your wedding film today via our “Contact us” section of our website! Even if you are just asking a question feel free to get in touch.

If the answer is no, we encourage you to head to our portfolio section to watch our wedding films and hopefully you wont miss out on your wedding film! 


Thank you for reading- Glass House Productions

Charlie & Reuben.